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As the world reopens and we’re thinking about and/or beginning to resume, we will all adjust to our “new normal”. A major question and consideration will be “how close should or can I get to someone”? In church we love to high five our neighbors and give great hugs.

As people start to come together again in group environments, they will have a wide range of comfort levels with physical proximity and contact and may find it awkward to let others know their personal comfort OR try to read the greeting preferences.



That Sunday School Girl is now offering SStatus SSymbols. These color-coded wristbands make personal preferences known without anyone words. The wristbands are intuitive from traffic lights:

Red = no contact – don’t even ask;
Yellow = a preference to elbow bumps only;
Green = bring on the hugs or the high-fives.

Churches are already excited about the bands. They are a proactive way to create comfort and reestablish in-person relationships. They are also branded to promote Sunday School (or Church School).

These bands not only help to manage coming through a pandemic but create ways members can connect going forward.

In addition to bracelets, there will be 2 graphic downloads that can be used for visual placement in churches.

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